Yorkshire pudding inc.
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Always fun and lively, cocktail parties are a great way to entertain a wide variety of guests from friends and family to business associates. Cocktail parties, by nature, allow you to choose a menu that is diverse, varied and appealing to all tastes. It is here we encourage our adventurous clients to try something new. By combining a few exotic hors d'oeuvres with an assortment of our more classic selections, we guarantee that everyone will find something they like.

Cold Hors D'oeuvres

Smoked salmon, chive creme fraiche, pickled shallots, "everything" crisp

Fresh roll, marinated vegetable, green mango, coriander, mint,
ginger tempeh, citrus hoisin dip*

Grilled shrimp and chorizo skewer, salsa verde

Torn tomato "burger", almond bun, Chevalier goat, basil

Buttermilk and chive lobster salad, avocado mousse,
red grapefruit, phyllo cup

Cucumber cup, pickled carrot, watermelon radish, red pepper, yellow pepper*

"Chicken 'n grits": Pulled BBQ chicken, grilled cornmeal cake,
peach BBQ sauce, candied jalapeno*

Seared scallop, waffle potato chip, saffron aioli, amaranth cress*

Spicy tuna poke, crisp taro root, ginger, chilies, lime, scallion

Beet-glazed shortbread, gorgonzola mousse, crispy shallots

Watermelon cucumber stack, mint black olive tapenade, feta mousse, citrus*

Hot Hors D'oeuvres

Mini rosemary Yorkshire Puddings, red-wine braised shortrib, horseradish

Crispy duck pot sticker, hoisin-cilantro dipping sauce

Wild mushroom springrolls, sweet soy dipping sauce

Chinese roast pork, crackling, steamer bun, hoisin glaze, Asian slaw

Ground chuck beef slider, aged cheddar, sour pickle, sauce maison

Sweet potato chickpea cakes, avocado tomato salsa, pickled onion

Thai lobster and shrimp fritter, ginger, chili, spicy tamarind dip

Merguez lamb kofta, fennel, coriander, harissa, mint pistachio pesto*

Deep fried truffled mac 'n cheese, cheddar, parmesan

Tomato eggplant pizzetta, fiore di latte, roasted garlic basil smear

Roasted potato cup, truffled fontina fondue, chili*

All hors d'oeuvres $2.75 a piece
*denotes gluten-free items

All hors d'oeuvres are $2.75 a piece
*denotes gluten-free items
**additional charge for rental spoon


Chicken salad with thyme, red pepper

Cucumber and dill cream cheese

Tuna salad with red onion, celery

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & rye

Fresh poached salmon and dill

Egg salad with chives

Ham & Honeycup mustard pinwheel

Sandwiches $5 each (whole sandwich cut into quarters)
Gluten-free bread - $6 a sandwich


Minimum of 25 guests
Rentals or disposables required for all items
*deep-fryer rental required

Aged cheddar, smoky bacon and wilted spinach mac'n cheese, take out boxes, garlic crumb topping

Poutine* of hand-cut fries, authentic curds, rich chicken gravy, take out boxes

Poutine*, poached lobster, fish fume "gravy", cheese curds, sea salt, take out boxes
$10/per person

Fish or shrimp flour tacos, pickled cabbage, lime crema, cilantro, slaw (2 per)
$9/per person

Chicken ropa Vieja flour taco, guacamole, pickled cabbage, tomatillo salsa, crumbled queso fresco (2 per)
$7.50/per person

Braised short rib, parsnip puree, garlic, black kale, crispy onions
$10/per bowl

Seared scallop, truffled cauliflower, wilted brussel leaves, citrus brown butter
$11/per bowl

Call our team at 416-233-9863 to order
or email events@ypcatering.com
** All Dishes require 48 hours notice

*Please ask our event coordinators about customizing your menus
*All prices are subject to applicable taxes