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It's amazing what can happen at a dinner party. Intimate and relaxed, dinner parties allow worries to fade away while guests engage in conversation and timeless stories ignite fits of laughter. For the true gourmet, let Yorkshire Pudding create a personalized multiple-course degustation dinner which we guarantee will be a feast for all the senses. Not all dinner parties need be formal, however a simple buffet dinner, complete with cocktail hour, would fit the bill best. We would be pleased to create the perfect menu to suit both your occasion and your tastes.

Menu | Buffet

- please choose any 2 of the following :

Roasted AAA tenderloin, thyme-infused horseradish, salsa verde
- add $11

Glazed chicken, olives, honey dates, garlic, sweet white wine marinade

Pan-fried Ontario pickerel, sauteed forest mushrooms,
brown butter, toasted hazelnuts (hot)
- add $2

Southwestern grilled chicken kebab, cilantro lime sour cream

Garlic and cracked chili grilled shrimp kebab, lime aioli
- add $6

Blackened flat iron, chimichurri, smoked tomato sour cream

Jerk-spice rubbed filet of salmon, coconut lime cream

Tuscan grilled chicken breast, garlic and herbs, grilled lemon, rosemary aioli

Grilled calamari, lemon, roasted garlic, kalamata and cherry tomato relish

Beef skewer, ginger, garlic, chili and coconut milk marinade,
cilantro, spicy cashew dip

Porchetta roast, fennel seed, cracked chili, sweet/sour roasted peppers,
natural juices (hot)

Pan-fried marinated tofu, braised kale, ginger cashew dressing,
shredded carrot and beet

Starches - please choose 1 of the following :

Orzo pasta, arugula, caramelized shallots, toasted walnuts, parmesan,
lemon olive oil

Aged cheddar and gouda mac 'n cheese, panko crunch, chipotle ketchup

Roasted fingerlings, thyme, parsley, sea salt

Basmati wild rice pilaf, aromatic vegetables, picked herbs

Celery root and Yukon potato galette, thyme, butter, Yukon mashed potato, chives, creamery butter

Cavatone pasta, arugula wild leek pesto, grano padano, grilled oyster mushrooms, spring peas

Farro salad, wilted spinach, grated apple, golden raisins, cider vinaigrette

Quinoa and lentil salad, dried cranberry, crisp celery, cucumber,
lemon vinaigrette

Lightly braised spring legumes and beans, double smoked bacon, aromatic veg

Vegetables - please choose 1 of the following :

Marinated rapini, pickled chilis, roasted garlic, toasted hazelnuts

Sautee of shiitake, green beans, nutmeg

Grilled asparagus and red peppers, garlic cream

Roasted vegetable salad: cauliflower, fennel, carrot and onion,
toasted fennel seed, lemon Crisp beans, yellow and red tomatoes,
pickled onion, tarragon vinaigrette

Sauteed broccoli, pancetta, lemon caper butter

Grilled seasonal vegetables: peppers, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, etc.

Layered ratatouille: summer squash, eggplant, plum tomato, thyme, garlic

Roasted butternut and red onion, tahini drizzle,
za'tar seasoning, toasted almonds

Salads - please choose 1 of the following: :

Crisp romaine, roasted garlic dressing, fried capers,
shaved parmesan, crisp pancetta

Sweet and bitter greens, gorgonzola, roasted beets,
beet vinaigrette, buttered croutons

Stone fruit salad, arugula, ricotta salata, toasted almonds,
champagne honey dressing

Baby spinach, shaved pear and fennel, caraway seeds,
pecorino, lemon vinaigrette

Black kale, red quinoa, crisp apple, cider dressing,
chevre, pecans

Bibb lettuce & romaine, watermelon radish, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes,
tarragon herbed vinaigrette

Heirloom tomato, rocket, white balsamic-soaked onions,
basil cress, infornata olive

Desserts - please choose 1 of the following :

Blackberry peach trifle, almond custard, whipped cream,
drunken pound cake, toasted almonds

Red velvet cake or French orange cake, butter cream cheese icing, fresh berries

Summer berry cornmeal cobbler, ginger, vanilla bean ice cream

Chocolate bourbon pecan pie, citrus whipped cream

Sour cherry pie, basil citrus creme anglaise

Roasted plum tart, spiced marscapone, crumbled pistachio, ginger snap crust

Coconut shortcakes, fresh blueberries, lemon whipped cream,
creme fraiche, mint

Miniature lemon meringue pie, mini whoopie pies, mini spiced pecan tarts
(3 per)

Assorted mini desserts squares, cookies, cupcakes, tarts
(4 per)

Fresh sliced fruits and berries, artfully presented

Selection of local artisan cheeses, fresh and dried fruits,
assorted crisps and crackers - add $7

$42 per person plus, taxes
(includes assorted breads and butter, coffee and tea)
Minimum 10 guests
Add $11 per person for 4 hors d'oeuvres

Menu | Plated Dinner

Please choose from the following starters:

Steamed mussels, charred corn cream, pancetta, micro greens
- add $3

Heirloom tomato, rocket, white balsamic-soaked onions, basil cress,
mozzarella di bufala infornata olive
- add $6

White gazpacho, shaved fennel, white grape and toasted almond salad

Bibb lettuce and endive, avocado, shaved radish and red onion,
buttered croutons, citrus segments, goddess dressing

Slow roasted tomato, tartlette, caramelized onion, fontina, truffle oil

Sweet and bitter greens, chevre, toasted pecans,
roasted beet, citrus ginger vinaigrette

Please choose from the following mains:

Herb-crusted salmon, potato galette, citrus beurre blanc, black kale

Ontario rack of lamb, fried white bean cannelloni,
slow roasted roma, swiss chard, lamb jus
- add $9

Pan-seared pickerel, lentils, asparagus, honey mushrooms, kohlrabi
frisee salad, citrus butter

Herb-crusted AAA tenderloin, celery root puree, spinach mushroom
sautee, red wine demi, fresh grated horseradish
- add $9

Supreme of chicken, tarragon spinach ricotta stuffing, vermouth orange glaze,
forest mushroom risotto, summer vegetables

Pan-fried halibut, braised fennel, buttered radishes, confit potatoes,
sugar snap peas, saffron emulsion
- add $12

Braised grass-fed veal breast, tomatoes, broad beans, fingerlings,
haricots, olive gremolata
- add $2

Pancetta-wrapped chicken roulade, mushrooms, leeks, sweet potato dauphinoise,
French green beans, pancetta lemon jus

Please choose from one of the following dessert :

Rhubarb compote, elderflower mousse, amaretti crunch in mason jar

Roasted plum tart, spiced marscapone, crumbled pistachio, ginger snap crust

Ricotta orange tart, blackberry gelato, lavender tuile

Caramel pots de creme, double chocolate cookie

Strawberry shortcake mousse, vanilla shortbread, vanilla cream,
vanilla chocolate, basil sprouts

Brown butter financier, sweet corn ice cream, blueberry compote, almond praline

Honey grilled peaches (Aug or Sept), blackberry gelato, basil cream

Starting at $56 per person

Add Artisanal cheese course $14 per person
All dinners include:
Four hors d'oeuvre selections from our Cocktail Menu
Assorted breads and butter, coffee and tea
Surcharge of $5 per person for dinners under 8 people.

Call our team at 416-233-9863 to order
or email events@ypcatering.com
** All Dishes require 48 hours notice

*Please ask our event coordinators about customizing your menus
*All prices are subject to applicable taxes