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Are you looking to combine the liveliness of a cocktail party with the substance of a dinner party? If so, stations and grazing tables are your answer. The concept is easy: by providing both passed and stationary food options guests are encouraged to move around, try different things and most importantly, are allowed to eat what they like, at their own pace. A great way to update your cocktail party, stations have also become a contemporary alternative to the traditional wedding reception.


Vietnamese Rice paper rolls with mint, cilantro, pickled vegetables,
sweet chili coriander dipping sauce
$3 per person (1 whole)

Selection of flatbreads : Caramelized onion/black olive/rosemary,
butternut squash/ricotta/sage, mushroom/parm/truffle oil/rosemary
Small (48 pcs) - $50, Large (96) - $90

Mediterranean dip platter : babaganoush, spiked tahini dip, harissa hummus,
lemon black olive tapenade in Mason jars, flatbreads, crostini,
pita chips, dried dates and apricots
One size (feed 12 - 15) - $49

Seasonal vegetable platter, basil feta dip
$4.50 per person


Selection of cheese (brie, cheddar, blue and chevre),
fresh and dried fruits, nuts (optional)
assorted crisps and crackers
$7 per person
Upgrade to premium/artisanal cheeses
$12 per person

Phyllo baked brie, balsamic glazed onions and cranberry topping
baguette & crisps
$39 each (serves 10)

Fish and Seafood

Smoked fish platter : Locally-smoked salmon and trout,
assorted breads and crisps, dill cream cheese, scallion spread,
capers and shaved red onion, lemon
$8.50 per person

Chili grilled shrimp, lime aioli
$2.50 per person (1 per, tail on)

Assorted sushi : 1/2 assorted nigiri & 1/2 maki
Pickled ginger, wasabi, soy
24 pieces - $50, 60 pieces - $110

Poultry and Meats

Whole AAA tenderloin of beef cooked medium rare and sliced,
thyme-infused horseradish, assorted mustards, fresh rolls
serves 15 - 20 people, 3-4 oz. each

Citrus-glazed bone-in ham served with assorted mustards,
housemade chutney, buttermilk biscuits
$300 per ham (feeds 50 ppl)
$175 for a half a ham (feeds 25 ppl)

Grilled Southwestern chicken satays, cool lime and dill dip
$2 per person (1 piece)

Grilled ginger beef satays, sweet soy dipping sauce
$2 per person (1 piece)

YP Charcuterie Platter : Assorted salumi & chobai, cornichons,
marinated olives, parmigiano, fresh baguette and crisps
$9 per person

Wraps and Sandwiches

Assorted gourmet wraps, French loaf and multigrain ciabatta sandwiches

Please choose any 4 of the following :
Grilled chicken, romaine hearts, roasted garlic aioli, parmesan
Pancetta, baby arugula, provolone cheese, roasted red pepper
Grilled flat-iron, forest mushrooms, brie, roasted garlic
Grilled vegetables, goat cheese, baby greens
Olive-oil poached tuna, shaved lemon, black olive tapenade
Old-fashioned baked ham, gruyere, grainy mustard, lettuce
Slow-roasted tomatoes, arugula, black olives, basil spread
Chicken, artichoke, lemon mayo salad
Curried egg salad, arugula
$10 per person - 1 sandwich / 2 pieces per
$10 per person


*minimum of 25 people

Harvest Table
Selection of premium cheeses, quince chutney,
charcuterie and salumi, basil feta dip & crudites,
gourmet dips & fresh breads,
house-marinated olives, cornichons, fresh and dried fruits, nuts,
assorted crisps and flatbread.

$20 per person

Mix and Mingle
Assorted satays (3 per - beef and chicken)
Chili grilled shrimp, lime aioli (2 per)
Assorted sushi :
1/2 assorted nigiri & 1/2 maki, pickled ginger, wasabi, soy (3 per)
Chef's choice house-baked flatbread pizza (2 types)
Vietnamese Rice paper rolls with mint, cilantro, pickled vegetables
sweet chili and coriander dipping sauce
Mediterranean dip platter :
babaganoush, spiked tahini dip, harissa hummus,
lemon black olive tapenade, flatbreads, crostini, pita chips,
marinated olives, dried dates and apricots

$24 per person (substitutions - $2 per)


Mini Desserts
Mini lemon meringue pies, mini cupcakes,
dark chocolate raspberry ganache cups,
$5 per person (3 per)

Selection of Bite-Size Desserts
Assorted squares, tarts, cookies and cupcakes
$3 per person (3 per)

Signature mini cupcakes, swirls of icing
$3 per person (3 per)

Fresh fruit kebabs
$2 per person (1 piece)


Hand rolled crispy Peking duck served in a chive crepe
with a cilantro and hoisin sauce
$8 per person

AAA beef tenderloin cooked medium rare, carved onsite
and served with a roasted garlic aioli, thyme-infused horseradish,
roasted red pepper Dijon, ACE focaccia rolls,
caramelized onions
$17 per person

Wild mushroom sautee station: Seasonal exotic mushroom sauteed
with garlic butter and brandy served with crostini,
classic bearnaise and a porcini cream
$9 per person

Onsite chef-rolled sushi (maki and nigiri):
Tuna, salmon, smoked eel, salmon roe,
California, spicy tuna, etc.
All served with the traditional condiments
Minimum 75 guests - Starts at $1,000

Fresh-shucked oyster bar with all the classic condiments (seasonal prices)

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Station: Duck confit, brie and fig preserve sandwiches Bacon, caramelized onion and cheddar sandwiches
Grilled Port Salut, oven roasted tomatoes sandwiches
Both grilled and served hot
$7 per person

Lime-chili sauteed shrimp tacos, flour tortillas,
shredded cabbage, chunky guacamole,pico di gallo, white sauce, cilantro
$8 per person

Build your own gourmet Macaroni and Cheese with the following toppings:
Wild mushrooms, crisp bacon bits, baby spinach,
seasoned ground beef, smoked chicken, black olives, scallions,
and a gouda/cheddar/parmesan sauce, chipotle ketchup
$8 per person

Lobster risotto served with extra old cheddar and "napped" with lobster butter
$10 per person

Braised short rib, horseradish spun potatoes, braising jus, parsnip chips
$12 per person

Call our team at 416-233-9863 to order
or email events@ypcatering.com
** All Dishes require 48 hours notice
*Please ask our event coordinators about customizing your menus
*All prices are subject to applicable taxes