Bring on the Ontario Fruits!

With so many Ontario fruits coming into season this month we thought we would share a few ways in which you can take advantage of the wonderful bounty our farmers have to offer.

We love the combination of flavours in this simple salad: Â Spicy watercress & bitter endive topped with sweet Ontario summer figs, toasted walnuts and blue cheese (we used Fourme d’Ambert). Â Top with a simple lemon vinaigrette and you have an easy, delicious first course.

Ontario Summer Fig, walnut and Fourme d'Ambert salad
Ontario Summer Fig, Walnut and Fourme d’Ambert salad

And here is a gorgeous dessert featuring Ontario Black plums and blackberries. Â Macerate the chopped plums and halved blackeberries overnight with sugar, split vanilla beans and orange peel. Â The following day, remove the vanilla beans and peel and layer the macerated fruit in a cosmo glass with whipped cream or custard. Â We topped ours with crushed amaretti cookies for crunch but you could get the same effect with some toasted sliced almonds.

Ontario Plum & Blackberry Parfait
Ontario Plum & Blackberry Parfait


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