Hearty Pie Promo

Shepherds Pie

With March Break just around the corner and no sign of Old Man Winter letting up, we’ve decided to put some warmth into your bellies! Â Our savoury pies from our Casserole menu will be on sale from March 11-21.

Here are our offerings:

Shepherd’s pie of AAA beef, sweet corn, peas and carrots, veal reduction, garlic mashed potatoes          Reg. price $56 = discounted price $48

Chicken and vegetable pot pie with puff pastry crust and thyme cream                               Reg. price $62 = discount price $53

***1/2 pan sizes only (feeds 8-10) – can be made fresh or frozen

If you’re heading up North for some relaxation or simply busy bustling around the city, these pies are sure to ease your cooking needs. Â Just add a salad and voila, dinner is served!

Call our coordinators at 416-233-9863 to place your order today.

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