Our barbecue menu has offerings of marinated meats, ready to eat sides and salads, plus our favourite condiments.

Marinated Meats

AAA Sirloin beef kebabs, garlic parsley marinade, cremini mushroom, peppers (4 x 3oz)
GF, DF, fresh, raw

Balsamic rosemary marinated flat iron steak (1.75lb average)
GF, DF, frozen, raw

AAA Striploin steaks
(2 x 8oz)  GF, DF, frozen, raw

YP signature burger (4 x 6oz)
 GF, DF, frozen, raw

BBQed ribs, YP mop sauce (12 bones)
 per rack GF, DF, frozen, fully cooked

Southern slow-cooked pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce (20oz, four sandwiches)
GF, DF, frozen, fully cooked, vacuum seal pouch

Marinated Chicken, Seafood, and Vegetarian

Tuscan chicken breasts, lemon, rosemary, garlic (5oz, skin on)
 for 2 breasts GF, DF, frozen, raw

Piri Piri chicken kebabs, Vidalia onion, peppers (4 x 3oz) 
 GF, DF, fresh, raw

Garlic lime marinated seafood kebabs: shrimp, scallop, whitefish (2 x 3oz) 
 GF, DF, frozen, raw

Lemon and cracked chili calamari (12 oz)
GF, DF, fresh, raw

Brown sugar, Dijon, cracked pepper cedar planked salmon (2 x 6oz, includes cedar plank)
 GF, DF, frozen, raw

Salmon and quinoa burger, shallot, dill (4 x 6oz) 
 GF, DF, frozen, pan seared, raw

Black bean and quinoa veggie burger (4 x 4oz)
GF, vegan, frozen, fully cooked

Salads & Side Dishes

Minimum order of four portions

Crisp romaine, roasted garlic dressing, pancetta, shaved parmesan, herb croutons

Green bean salad, cherry tomato, shaved red onion, Italian parsley, sherry Dijon vinaigrette

 GF, Vegan

Mediterranean toasted cous-cous with black olives, chickpeas, shredded carrot, feta, mint

Classic potato salad, red pepper, pickled cucumber, picked herbs, grainy mustard mayo

Baby arugula, roasted beets, beet vinaigrette, pepitos, chevre, herbed croutons

Macaroni salad, corkscrew macaroni, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese, celery, scallion, creamy chipotle dressing

Quinoa lentil salad, dried cranberry, crisp celery, cucumber, red onion, herbs, and lemon vinaigrette
 GF, Vegan

German potato salad, scallion, lardons, pommery vinaigrette 

Cucumber, watermelon, tomato salad, mint, crumbled feta, and white balsamic dressing
 GF, V

Gazpacho salad, cucumber, red and yellow peppers, red onion, field tomatoes, and cilantro vinaigrette
 GF, Vegan

Platter of assorted pest-rubbed grilled and roasted vegetables 
 GF, Vegan

Jalapeño cornbread muffins (2pcs)


All fresh, all 250ml

Chipotle sour cream
$6 GF, V

Roasted garlic aioli
$6 GF,V

Lime chili mayo
$6 GF, V

Pico di gallo
$7 GF, Vegan

Caramelized onions
$8 GF, Vegan