HD collage

Our chefs have come up with some fun and fresh hors d’oeuvres for the summer months. We like to keep food ingredients as seasonal and local whenever possible. Shown here are some of our new items for our summer cocktail menu that will leave your guests tastebuds begging for more! Check out the full menu here: http://yorkshire.onemotion.ca/menu_cocktails.htm

Taleggio phyllo tartlet, caramelized onion, black cherry jalapeno marmalade 

Lobster roll, milk bun, dill, lemon, crisp celery

Chicken ropa vieja, charred corn, avocado, tomato, cilantro lime cream, corn tostada

Honey-grilled peach bruschetta, thai basil, shallot, herbed ricotta, chili, crostini

Endive, summer fig, Bavarian Blue cheese, candied walnut, cress

Nori wrapped salmon, shitake-honey mushroom ragu, crisp skin, sweet soy smear