Gender Reveal Collage

We are excited to share our latest cake creation with you!

Gender reveal parties have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, and we’re happy to be creating a custom cake designed specifically for these celebrations. If you’re unfamiliar with this new pre-parenting custom, expectant parents can now share the moment they discover their baby’s sex, by divulging the results of an ultrasound test to a group of loved ones. In essence, it’s a surprise party people can throw for themselves.

Sarah hosted her own mini gender reveal last summer, and the above cake announced to her family and friends that she would be adding a baby boy to her growing family. Inspired by her gathering, we’re now including this polka-dot-infused confection on our menu. Made with either the traditional French orange or triple chocolate fudge cakes, the circles are made from cake balls that can be tinted blue or pink, depending on the results of an ultrasound.

Gender Reveal - Girl

To host your own gender reveal celebration, bring us your test results tucked inside a sealed envelope and we will discreetly create a cake for your unveiling. The cake is iced in a generous layer of homemade frosting, which will completely cover the colour of the dots within.

Speaking of Sarah, we’re happy to announce that her son arrived earlier this month. Congratulations Sarah and Peter!