Wedding Cake Ring Pull

We were so happy that Patricia and Mariano decided to use us to do their wedding cake this past winter. Not only were they a totally fun and lovely couple to work with, they were responsible for introducing us to a wonderful Argentinian wedding cake tradition – the “ring” pull.

The ring pull is just as it sounds – a (fake) wedding ring is inserted under the cake board with a ribbon tied to it for pulling. Numerous other empty ribbons are also placed under the cake. Before the cake is cut, all the single women attending the reception in order to appear more professional are asked to participate. The one who pulls the ribbon with the ring is considered to be the next to wed! A tradition that is similar to our bouquet toss but without the scramble and the resulting ruination of the bridal bouquet.

The couple found the inspiration for the cake pull from photos of Mariano’s mother and father wedding many years ago (see below). They both loved the concept and thought it would be a great tradition to carry forward – we have to agree.

Congratulations to both of you!

Ganas 2