Shepherds Pie

With March Break just around the corner and no sign of Old Man Winter letting up, we’ve decided to put some warmth into your bellies! Our savoury pies from our Casserole menu will be on sale from March 11-21.

Here are our offerings:

Shepherd’s pie of AAA beef, sweet corn, peas and carrots, veal reduction, garlic mashed potatoes

Reg. price $56 = discounted price $48

Chicken and vegetable pot pie with puff pastry crust and thyme cream

Reg. price $62 = discount price $53

***1/2 pan sizes only (feeds 8-10) – can be made fresh or frozen

If you’re heading up North for some relaxation or simply busy bustling around the city, these pies are sure to ease your cooking needs. Just add a salad and voila, dinner is served!

Call our coordinators at 416-233-9863 to place your order today.